President’s message on Bibaha Panchami

bidhyadevi-bhandari1Kathmandu, Dec 4:
President Bidya Devi Bhandari says the religious and cultural festivals like Bibaha Panchami help in consolidating mutual harmony, goodwill and tolerance among the people of different religions, cultures, communities and regions. In a message of best wishes given on the occasion of the Bibaha Panchami festival today, the President stated that this festival has provided the opportunity to the peoples of Nepal and neighbour India to renew and deepen the bond of cultural ties existing at the people’s level. “Festival such as this have helped in highlighting the oriental civilisation and enriching our cultural heritage pushing forward the process of development and expansion of our oriental civilisation,” the President said. The Head of State gas also wished that the festival contributes in further consolidating and deepening the centuries-old relations between the peoples of Nepal and India while strengthening the mutual goodwill, brotherhood, social amity and tolerance among the Nepalis.

The President has extended hearty best wishes to all the sisters and brothers in the context of the celebration of the Bibaha Panchami festival in the country, especially in the Mithila region.
The Bibaha Panchami commemorates the marriage of the Hindu god Shree Ram to Sita in what was called the Treta Yuga. Legend has it that Sita was born out of the Earth and adopted by the sage king Janak of ancient state of Mithila, the present-day Janakpurdham. Treta Yuga is the second out of the four yugas, or ages of mankind, in the religion of Hinduism. It follows the Satya Yuga and is followed by the Dvapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. It is believed the Treta Yuga lasted 1,296,000 years. RSS