सेयर गरौ ! राणा र राजापछी राष्ट्रपति फाल्न नपरोस ! १८ करोडको गाडी चढ्नेलाइ जनताको चेतावनी !बलात्कारी र हत्यारा पक्राउ गर्न नसक्ने किन ?

हाम्रो सन्देश संवाददाता

A few days later, on the journey of the respected Bharatiya Vidya Devi Devi Bhandari to the soft residence to the Sanjad Bhavan, the heart felt very intense and nothing could be kept in the mind. The words left behind or lacking in mind were written in the mind. The lack of weakness and error may be made during the writing. If error and lack of weakness become weak, I would like to read with the readers’ names. When there were protests, sometimes for Panchayat, whenever the Panchayats had to throw the monarchy, many of the people’s daughters gave birth to their lives in the name of politics change. After all, the profit has been seen as limited to some limited people than the country. The family of those who lost life in the movement 10 lakhs and martyrs were honored by the words. They died and died in movements Well bacekaharule in the current politics are past the mouthpiece.

Rana’s suppression did not endure democracy. Due to the suppression of the Panchayat, the multi-polygamy could not be tolerated, even after the monarchy did not take the democracy, brought democracy to 62/63 years. Shah, the King of the Battalion king, ruled for 40 years was lost. Raja became the main citizen and the father’s father got the opportunity to become President. Dr. Dr. Ram Baran Yadav and Vidya Devi Bhandari are completing it. There are hundreds of kings who were born to India once again. Some of the prisons of King 5 have been taken from Shree 5. Why is the 62/63 year movement of the mosaic having fun with the closest day to see this day?

There is no need for employment in Nepal, 60 million young manpower, due to poverty, poverty, poverty and poverty, since the age of 3 years. There is no such situation in the country like incidents of [email protected] The situation in the country is increasing due to [email protected] President made by the Nepalese people in 2062/63 years to become President I feel sorry that the King leaves the feet and the feet of the feet left in the shoe shoe. I am sorry to say that Jagita Kodd Madan Bhandari is still in my mind.
There is no big objection to the existence of a king, but if communism, Dalal servant Shahi, capitalist emperorism is exploited, the King does not even change in our situation, he said that according to the work he has done from the government and the president. Carpets cross the garbage of the right-left soldier. Apart from the position of security personnel, President Bhandari Bargi did not speak words and write with me. Thousands of jubilee cadres can not even describe, how can I do a despicable Nepali? The time being changed, the system was replaced, but our thinking was never changed. It is appropriate to protect the high level people of the country, but it is not good to capture the rigidness and take up the rigging way .

In the present situation, the country has become Communist. The President of the Communist Communist, all Vice President of the Communist, has become the opposite. Today, instead of taking into the construction of the construction, it is fair to give stories and troubles to national leaders. No.How much child mother and wife are miserable and mentally exploited It is not a situation that can be said.The country has become instability. Therefore, if the country is to secure instability, then the situation of the country should be uniform.

तपाईको समाचार, लेख /रचना वा सुझाव र प्रतिक्रिया भएमा [email protected] मा पठाउनुहोला ।